Carbon-Fiber-Design is the newly created consumer division of Composites-By-Design LLC. Our mission is to create ergonomic, aesthetic & evolutionary products with advanced composite materials integration. Our first products, which include the Simplicity One Carbon Fiber Chair/Table Combo, and a Duel-Bracket Camera Mount, will launch late in 2017.

The Synergy of a Flawless Carbon Fiber Weave with Rich Exotic Hardwood Veneers

Series 1 ChairsWe designed the Simplicity One Chair simply to optimize a process called Vacuum Assisted Resin Transfer Molding (VARTM). The chairs pictured here are renderings of our initial design. The design has since gone through two revisions, and the final design will be a bit sexier, to say the least.

The Simplicity One Chairs will be available in two heights, table and bar, with a lightweight table for four to accompany both. Our target customer is an upscale hotel lounge or contemporary restaurant. However the four-place dining combo is perfectly suitable for the contemporary home, and easily transportable for the apartment dweller.

Photo and Video Ultra-lightweight Brackets

3 Brackets

Late in 2017 we will release the first of four ultra-lightweight products for the professional photographer.

  • A Duel SLR Bracket designed to hold two full-sized cameras/camcorders on one tripod (or drone)
  • A Tablet Mounting Bracket to be used in with or without the Duel SLR Bracket
  • An ultra-lightweight Minimalist Flash Bracket to mount a Canon or Nikon Speedlight
  • A 120 cm Slider built with CFRP triangular tubing and built-in counter balance

Although there are dozens of such products currently on the market, these will be the lightest and stiffest ever produced, and they will look super cool!