Boeing 787-8

The Boeing 787-8 Dreamliner

Tips for Potential BCA Advanced Composite Suppliers

In the early production days of the 787 Dreamliner, I had a challenging four-year international assignment with Boeing Commercial Airplane Company. My role, along with a large team of engineers and quality specialists, was to conduct technical audits prerequisite to supply the advanced composite fuselage and wing assemblies of the 787.

Much of the frustration and delay that composite suppliers and auditors alike endured throughout that process was unnecessary. Suppliers did not have a complete understanding of what was required; auditors were inconsistent with their interpretation of the requirements.

I now consult for suppliers wanting to do business with Boeing partners.

Boeing is now looking to achieve profitability with the Dreamliner. They must reduce costs while ramping up production to 14 aircraft a month. Current suppliers have been ask to provide cost reductions. New suppliers are being sought out by Boeing partners.

Obtaining a contract from a Boeing partner is only the first step. Assume a supplier already has AS 9100 & AQMS certifications. What comes next?

• NADCAP AC7118 Certification

• D6-53993 – Qualification of Sources for Composite Parts to BAC 5317, BAC 5578 or BAC 5353

• BAC 5980 – Nondestructive Inspection of Composite Parts and Structures

• D6-55902 – Qualification of Equipment for Fabrication of Composite Structure

• D6-49327 – Qualification of Autoclaves and Ovens for Curing Composite Structure

• BSS 7341 – Part/Tool Thermal Profiling Procedure

• BSS 7082 – Preproduction Verification Procedures and Requirements

• BSS 7085 – Approval Process for Composite Part Manufacturing Plans

• BSS 7029 – First Part Qualification Procedures and Requirements for Composite Part

I have a proven track record in cost-effectively guiding suppliers through this overwhelming array of qualification events. If your organization is preparing a BCA work package, I can help you survive it! For more information please call us at 301.994.2044.