Composites-By-Design LLC (CBD) is an aerospace materials & process consulting firm established in 1998, and located in Southern Maryland. We are available globally for short or long-term assignments to assist clients with new processor qualifications and work packages in the advanced composite aerospace markets. Over the years, we have contributed to all of the aircraft and spacecraft shown below.

The use of advanced composites, specifically carbon fiber reinforced polymers (CFRP), has skyrocketed since the introduction of the Boeing 787 Dreamliner and, more recently, the Airbus A350. These airframe integrators are perpetually seeking new suppliers to meet demand and reduce costs. CBD provides the services listed below at highly competitive rates.


Advanced Composite Supplier Qualifications to Boeing, Bell & Bombardier Process Specifications

We provide 1st & 2nd tier supplier support for Boeing, Bell and Bombardier advanced composite part qualifications including processor, equipment, preproduction verification (PPV) and first part qualification (FPQ). We have successfully walked several clients through the entire process from pre-audit to the completion of the FPQ. Our team remains on-site as needed during the initial phases and audit dates, and on call to assist in closing out action items to get your organization into production.

CBD has developed client templates for Facilities Operating Requirements (FOR), Equipment Qualifications, Thermal Profiles, PPV and FPQ Plans & Reports to meet the requirements of Boeing Commercial Airplane Company’s BAC 5578 and 5317.

In addition, we have conducted automated fiber placement (AFP) and automated tape placement (ATP) supplier audits on behalf of Boeing in Japan, South Korea and Italy.

CFR Part 23 Aircraft Composites Materials Qualifications

We develop qualification test plans and material & process specifications for carbon fiber prepregs and structural adhesives used for general aviation aircraft primary structure. Working with the National Center for Advanced Materials Performance (NCAMP) and using materials from the AGATE database, material qualification costs and schedules are reduced significantly.

Process Specifications Development

Under contract to Boeing Helicopter, we developed the principle D210 process specification for the CH-47F Chinook Block II Rotor Blade Program, a newly designed S2/CFRP blade offering 15% improved lift over legacy rotor blades.

Previously, we completed major revisions to Gulfstream’s advanced composite process specifications, with the objective to improve yields, reduce defects and simplify fabrication & inspection requirements.

Materials Qualifications

At the Boeing Mesa Facility, we supported the MP&S Group to develop test plans and complete two major advanced composite materials requalifications for the MD Explorer Helicopter Rotor Blade (Hexcel F584) and MD Series Tailboom/Empennage (Cytec 950-1).

Turnkey Project Management in Launching New Programs

In 2015, CBD completed a two-year project for a client in the Midwestern United States supporting a major secondary structure work package for the Bell 525 Helicopter, in conjunction with a BAC 5578 787 work package for Spirit Aerosystems.

Previously we assisted a major aerospace manufacturer on two concurrent programs, from design to low rate production: the Augusta/Westland AW189 and Bell 525 Main Rotor and Tail Rotor composite deicing systems.

We also provided support for the manufacture of NASA’s Super Lightweight Interchangeable Carrier (SLIC) for the Hubble Service Mission 4, a critical mission which kept the Hubble Telescope functional to this day.

Prototyping and Production Scale-up of Advanced Composites

For Northrop-Grumman’s Counter-Man-Portable Air Defense Composite Fairing, we had responsibility for all tooling and process development for the pod assembly. We assured our client delivered one prototype and six flight articles over an aggressive 7-month schedule.

For the RC-7 Crazy Hawk Airborne Low M Reconnaissance Mission, CBD assisted our client in the design, certification and fabrication of carbon/epoxy equipment racks & workstations, FLIR sensor doors, MTI radar mounts and wingtip radomes.

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Should your organization, large or small, need cost-effective assistance in launching a new program, or qualifying your  facility to any prime airframe integrator, please contact us at 301.994.2044.